Future: Just Thinking Out Loud..

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How I see it with the future changing with new technologies everyday. The jobs that we have today, may not be there in the future. I am thinking into to future in my hopes that I one day I won’t have to worry my job will be taken by a machine or robot. One thing I am certain, I know there are a few things machines cannot do. I know they cannot be creative like a human, yes they are able to do certain things, but a humans imagination is endless. Security, when it comes down to it, who will be in charge? Well I hope not Robots, because we’ve all seen ‘Terminator Series’ & ‘I Robot’, so we get an idea what that road would lead too. These are just a couple things I thought of because I am interested in those careers. Graphic Design/Digital Media’s is a great field IMO, because there is always new production of commericial product’s, movies, internet based advertisment’s and those are needed everyday. A job to be creative? Count me in, who would not want to make a new type of ‘art’ everyday? Securities, I know a little more about this subject then most, because I have served in the military, I already know that machines/robotics are a big part of the military, so in conclusion having a degree or means to work in the deparment of Government, Federal, State securites,  jobs will be always available.


Let’s see..

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Hello world!

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